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The embodiment of fun-loving chaos, Tigger is beloved the whole world over. And the most wonderful thing about Tigger is, he's the only one! He's a trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun fun guy.

This small stuffed tiger represents child like exuberence, an adventuring spirit, and unboundless energy. Tigger loves to explore. He never shies away from meeting new people, trying new things, and taking risks. Sure, he can be brash, annoying, and thoughtless, but at his core his heart is filled with good intentions. He is the five year old child who does not realize the consequences of his actions. In some ways, I am very different than Tigger. I can be shy, reserved, and cautious. I tend to observe more than participate. Tigger reminds me to reach out and not worry. His careless energy and my natural thoughtful nature balance each other well. Plus: Everyone loves Tigger.

He is not shy, not quiet, not indifferent, and never bored. He bounces.

He has characteristics which I see in myself, those which I would like to expand. I find he has tones of energy. Full of Joy and Happiness, compassion, generosity and helpful.

Who better to bring joy, energy,
and bounce into your life than Tigger?

Tigger is also surrounded by friends as seen in the Tigger Movie. It reminds me of the Fellowship. The Winnie the Pooh gang is very much like TUFF members, all uniquely different. I remind myself that I am surrounded by friends, they're like my family.

Tigger's spirit brings positive energy to everyone of us.

I believe Tigger is a good role model and should be the mascot for those with ADD.

Tigger is an exuberant, one-of-a-kind creature with a springy tail. He acts on every impulse, and his boisterous manner often leads him to leap before he looks. Tigger's bouncing is a pure expression of his utter zest for life -- a joy he's always eager to share with his friends, even when sometimes (especially with Rabbit), they don't want him to share it! His unique personality extends to his original use of language, which often results in his trademark twists of phrase and malapropisms.

He creates his own language

Once he got stuck up in a tree. He said. I gueth tiggerth aren't very good at cimbing treesth.

! T.T.F.N.! Ta Ta for now!!

He learns his lessons and always with a positive attitude, as' Tigger's do best'

Always willing to try something new, as' Tigger's do best', only to discover an exception