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Welcome to the Unitarian Fellowship of Fredericton

Are you looking for a religious home?

  • HOME is where you are accepted for being who you are.
  • HOME is where you are free to ask questions without feeling out of place.
  • HOME is where you are supported in your successes and your struggles.
  • HOME is where you belong, even when you disagree.
The Unitarian Fellowship of Fredericton

   Office: 874 York Street
  Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3B 3R8
 Phone: (506) 451-0919
Services are held at 10:30 am Sundays at 874 York Street, with concurrent children's religious education and child care available upon request. Please refer to our Sunday Services page for further information.
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Service for this Sunday,October 30, 2016
Title Interactive Theme Service: Quest
Service Leader Jo-Anne Elder-Gomes
Jo-Anne Elder Gomes will lead an interactive service on our monthly theme of Quest. Throughout our life, are we on a quest for meaning? What path are we following, and to what destination, if any? How do we learn about ourselves and construct the meaning of our lives? We will be exploring some ways of defining the self and understanding our personal journeys and relationships.
Children's Programme
Halloween: Tricks and Treats.
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